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When I relocated from sunny Southern California to the middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin after a stranger knocked on my door and made an offer I couldn’t refuse on my home, I experienced quite the culture shock. I hadn’t really intended to move as far away as the Midwest. I planned on buying an oceanside home not too far from the previous one, but kept getting outbid. It was then that I stumbled upon an amazing house in Wisconsin and thought “why not”?

My surfer kids were forced to bundle up in order to endure the “Polar Vortex” that permeated the country during our first Wisconsin winter, and the “horrible amount of snow” we experienced made us all “just miserable.” Needless to say, I had my doubts about the move, which put my family closer to my mother and to my hometown, where I hadn’t lived since I was a child.

But the new house I bought in Wisconsin proved itself more charming than the winters were dreadful. Plus, it came with an amazing historic barn on the property.

People kept showing up and asking me if they could get married in the barn.  So I thought, if I built this venue maybe I could sell and get back to California.  But then the kids warmed up to their new place, started liking school and making friends. It turned out that Wisconsin was actually a great place to raise my family. And so Wisconsin began to grow on me, too. “Not the winters though!

I totally renovated my 1800 dairy barn and landscaped the five acres surrounding it, transforming the space into what is now known as Barn at Trinity Peak. 

From its southern yellow pine plank floors and stunning, vaulted ceilings to its prized stucco silo (the oldest in the state!), Barn at Trinity Peak oozes nostalgia — plus, it’s incredibly Instagrammable.

The surrounding fields, wildflowers and oak tree canopies provide a romantic backdrop and the sprawling grounds have ample opportunity for one of a kind photos.

I am constantly making improvements  and asking myself what the next phase will be with this venue.  I’ve outfitted the whole barn and surrounding trees in custom colored lights that can be matched to any color and  controlled from my phone.

I  have really cool bathrooms in the silo. The traditional Wisconsin dairy barns all used to have  stucco silos, and Barn at Trinity Peak has one of the oldest in the state! They stopped making stucco silos in the 1920’s, so that’s pretty cool.

I call the milk barn “the beer barn” and refer to the parking lot as the “cow yard,” which it once was. The venue itself is a real historic dairy barn, now with heat and air conditioning, real toilets, Wisconsin pub room and  so many modern conveniences. But if you look at it, it’s how it was in the 1920’s –  a traditional Wisconsin dairy barn, not a venue that was built to look like a barn.

I couldn’t be happier in my new life.  My passion is now making sure every wedding is picture perfect and my couples have the most amazing day of their lives!

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